Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Employment Attorney Services, Helping the Oppressed

A news reported by the LATIMES, dated June 23, 2008 with the heading, “Lawsuit alleges Little India beauty salon chain exploits workers”, have caught the attention of the employment sector when the owners of Ziba Beauty allegedly committed employment law violations.

A class action suit was filed in this respect by former Ziba workers (many of them are female immigrants) against Ziba Chief Executive Sumita Batra, 39, and among her staff for allegedly committing employment law violations by not giving their workers the minimum wage and meal and rest breaks.

The plaintiffs in the action alleged that they were underpaid (paid as little as $4 an hour at the salon), was denied their rest breaks and was required to deliver hours of free henna tattooing services at parties. There are several complications on the case, to which up until now appears unresolved and was subject to public debate and speculations.

On my part, I will not dwell on expressing my unsolicited view on the case, but I will take concern of the employment issues that was involved in it.
As an Attorney with considerable number of years of practice specializing in Employment Law, I constantly hear complaints of these sorts from oppressed workers who have experienced unfair treatment from their employers in all matters of employment.

Especially nowadays, it is usual that workers can experience this kind of unjust treatment from their employers. These problems are ever growing and become hard to get rid of.

Despite the efforts wage by the government in finding concrete resolution to this labor injustice, whether in legislating employment laws that promotes rights of workers, or in giving liberal construction in favor of employees’ rights, the problem persists and the violation escalates.

As I view it, the more sensible thing to do, especially for the employees who are having these predicaments is to be proactive in dealing with their situations. The employee concerned must have their case heard and ventilated in the proper forum. They must exhaust all possible legal remedies, as permitted by law.

They can heed the services of Employment Attorneys that caters this type of cases to help them in their battle against their oppressor.