Friday, June 17, 2011

11 Koreatown Cyclists Struck by Drunk LA Driver

Cycling with friends is fun; all the more when you ride with 100 members. However, it can similarly cause a group crash when a troubled car approached your way.

On Thursday, a drunk driver struck a group of bicycle riders, injuring 11 of them at downtown Los Angeles, reports said.

According to police, Christine Elizabeth Dahab was driving her Honda Civic at 5900 West Jefferson Place and Rodeo Road when it plowed into a group of 100 cyclists. At least one of them sustained serious injuries while the ten others suffered moderate injuries.

Rescuers rushed the victims to a local hospital.

Los Angeles Police Officers commented that Dahab was distracted and drunk when the accident occurred. Also, her speed rate was 63 mph. Authorities detained her and set $15,000 as bail.

The group call themselves as the "Koreatown Riders". They meet weekly at midnights for a ride in state's cycling spots.

Sounds fun, yet when the 100 members cross the downtown highway, it can spell catastrophe. Such big group is enough to block the road and disrupt traffic. Also, when the car driver is using the cell phone or is driving under the influence, a tragic collision can happen.

Furthermore, cyclists have limited safety equipment to protect the body from blunt force.
The helmet remains as the only protective gear, yet some riders are still hesitant to wear it.

In California, persons18-year-old and below are required to wear bicycle helmet, though adult riders are not. Such limited prohibition on helmet use among young professionals exposes them to catastrophic bicycle crashes.

Also, cyclists who fail to install visibility equipment on their bike may fail to warn other motorists of his/her presence on the road. Bicyclists who neglect such safety measure can meet accident in LA, especially at night.

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