Thursday, January 8, 2009

Grocery Managers Awarded Overtime Pay

“Those who have less in life should have more in law”. This is the reason why the law gives protection to the low and oppressed members of the society such as the workers.

Benefits such as overtime pay are not due to all members of the labor force such as managers.

In California, for instance, not all are entitled to overtime pay. There are particular employee classifications who could not receive overtime pay. These are called the exempt employees. It includes executive, administrative and professional employees to name a few.

However, in one case, a judge granted an award of $34 million favor of some grocery store managers. The amount corresponds to the back pay for hours of overtime worked due the managers.

This goes to show that even the law allows some exceptions so that just and equity may prevail.

Wage and hour claims –especially overtime pay – are issues often disputed by employers and employees.

To help you resolve legal arguments on issues such as proper calculation of overtime pay and other entitlement, it is best to consult with someone, preferably an employment lawyer, who has extensive knowledge of the matter.