Thursday, December 3, 2009

Latest Metrolink Accident Called for Probe on Rail Safety

People in charge of operating public transport such as trains, buses and cabs are generally required by law to follow different rules for the safety of passengers. Ignoring these rules will not only endanger their jobs, but also the lives of innocent people.

Metrolink faces another problem brought about by a recent accident where a train engineer reportedly failed to stop at a red light as another train approaches.

The incident happened about 2 ½ miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

According to officials, no one was injured and both trains were able to stop hundreds of feet apart. If investigations finally reveal that the engineer was negligent, it would be Metrolink’s fourth violation after the Chatsworth accident wherein 25 people were killed and 135 others were injured.

In addition, the recent train accident stirred up safety issues against Metrolink. A number of the agency’s members voiced out their exasperation concerning a possible breach of a basic safety rule, despite of the reform efforts that are being done over the previous months.

The engineer was removed from his service due to the pending probe that was being done by the agency and U.S. regulators.

A need for a deeper assessment of the problem and strict discipline of engineers who ignore red lights were also voiced out due to the incident.

Agencies should be careful in hiring people who will operate common carriers because a little negligence can result to a deadly accident. A stricter screening process may guarantee that only eligible people will be given the responsibility of doing it, thus protecting the lives of passengers and the agency’s name.