Friday, June 6, 2008

GINA, a New Law to Battle Employment Law Violations

A new law has been signed by President Bush last May 21, 2008 to prohibit employment discrimination based on genetic information. The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act or GINA applies to employers and insurance companies covered by Title VII.

The provisions under GINA are quite similar to Title VII. As stated under this law, employees who have experienced workplace or hiring discrimination must still file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before they may pursue discrimination suits against their employers.

GINA also entitles the discriminated employees the right to a trial and the right to demand compensatory and punitive damages from their abusive employers. The recoveries also include the attorney’s fees.

The law statutes pertaining to discrimination will be implemented November next year, 18 months after the president signed the proposed law. The other part that tackles group health plans will take effect in May 2009.

Like what many employees and jobseekers say, this law will cause alarm for those employers who still manage to exercise discriminative actions and other Employment Law violations. We all know that discrimination and abuse is still rampant in the employment sector. With this law, the employees will gain better protection against their employers.

Nevertheless, if you have any other inquiries about GINA, or if you think you have been a victim of employment discrimination, it is still best to consult a credible attorney to obtain justice on these types of Employment Law violations.