Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dog Attacks Man and other Animals

A neighborhood is threatened not by a disease or terrorist attack nowadays but by animal attack.

There were two separate dog bite attacks reported last week in Vallejo. The first happened when one man was walking his Yorkshire Terrier and a Labrador one fair day when a pit bull suddenly came up and ferociously and aggressively attack his dogs.

The man tried to fend the attack on his dogs to no avail. When the pit bull was finished, the Terrier ended up disemboweled and dead while the Labrador has its leg severely wounded.

In trying to fend the attack, the dog owner also suffered injuries to his arms and legs.

Slightly one hour after the first accident, another one was reported to have occurred. This time it was a mixed bred Chihuahua-Labrador dog. The dog fortunately suffered only minor injuries.

Animal attacks such as this is prevalent in different communities and cities in California. Statistics show that there are nearly 4.5 million reported dog bites in the US today. Out of that figure, 800,000 were reportedly to have sought medical attention and a whopping $165 million were spent.

In this particular case, the owner of the pit bull can be held liable to his dog’s victim if the owner knows that his dog has been unleashed due to his lack of supervision.

Cases are filed for animal attack because of the negligence of the owners or possessors thereof.

The California law says that animal owners are responsible for their pets’ misbehavior such as attacking and injuring other animals or a human being.