Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heparin Overdose kills Baby

Heparin is a leading anti-coagulant or blood thinner, which is widely used worldwide to prevent and treat blood clots. Just like any other kind of medicine, it can be dangerous when overused.

A rather negligent administration of heparin, which resulted to overdose occurred just recently in the ICU of Christus Spohn Hospital.

It appears that Heparin was given to babies to prevent blood clots in the IV lines. Nurses later on found out that babies were given overdoses of the drug. They tried to remedy the problem by administering counteracting drugs but one of the babies died.

In fairness, the death was still undergoing investigation to know whether or not it was caused by Heparin overdose because it was reported that the baby was seriously sick and could have died from other cause.

But whether the death was caused by Heparin or not, isn’t negligence apparent here? Because of the incident, two staff was said to have left the hospital already.

To those who have experienced personal injury or wrongful death because of Heparin overdose, consult with a personal injury lawyer for possible invocation of your rights under the law – that is to go after those who caused you damage and injury, for reparation.