Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fighting Sexual Harassment Successfully

Generally, under the law, there is a case of sexual harassment present the following elements, to wit:

• Unwelcome sexual advances
• Requests for sexual favors
• Other verbal physical conduct of sexual nature

They should be established in order to have a clear case of sexual harassment. Absent any of the above-mentioned elements would prove fatal to the sexual harassment claim.

However, the strength of the claim, needless to say, should start from the very beginning – the investigation, which the complainant must be prepared lest his/her complaint will be rendered inutile.

Investigation may consist of questions and answers. In all probability the complainant will be asked the following, to wit:

1. Who harassed you
2. What did he/she do
3. When did he/she do it
4. Where did it happen
5. Were there any witnesses
6. Who did you tell
7. Who else has been harassed
8. What did you do
9. What do you want done
10. Would you like to see a counselor

In 2007 alone, the EEOC recorded at least 11,592 sexual harassment charges and recovered a staggering $49.9 million in monetary benefits for the victims and other aggrieved individuals. The amount doesn’t even include monetary benefits obtained from litigation.

For the victims of sexual harassment who wanted to seek justice and vindication for what happened and what will eventually happen to them, immediately contact a professional whose expertise consists of handling sexual harassment claims, successfully that is.