Friday, October 10, 2008

Reaching the Boiling Point

With the continuous downfall of the economy, many businesses are forced to shut down to minimize greater losses or stop incurring more losses. Every day we hear hundreds of workers being fired due to many reasons. Recently, mass lay offs are caused by the financial crisis.

While business closure may benefit employer, it may also lead to disadvantageous consequences. One consequence would be the bombardment of wrongful terminations suits by the employees.

However, employers may prevent a possible termination suit if they have adopted mechanisms starting at the hiring of their employees. Manner of termination or standard procedures during reversible losses may have been embodied in the employment agreements.

My heart goes out to all workers whose jobs have been jeopardized due to this crisis that may have been prevented from the very start. If only those people responsible have done their job, none of this should have happened.

I know it is already late to point finger. The damage had already been done and trust me it will have a long chilling effect on the public as a whole.

I am sure we have learned our lesson. It is sad though to have learned it this way – the hard way.