Friday, February 6, 2009

Entwined Relationship of DUI and Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents are caused by drivers under the influence. Oftentimes, it leaves not only a horrific accident scene but also innocent victims who are left without any recourse.

In one incident, however, the instinct of a concerned motorist who witnessed a gruesome accident and followed the suspected hit and run car owner fleeing the scene solved what might have been a puzzling and defenseless case.

On Super Bowl Sunday, 30-year-old Henry Yovanni Moreno struck a mother her 11 month old infant and her 5 year old sister while at the crosswalk at Bonnie Brae Street and Olympic Boulevard.

Luckily, Rigoberto Lizarraga saw the incident and instinctively followed Moreno to get his car’s license plate number, which he did. This prompted the immediate arrest of the suspect.

Normally, hit and run cases would remain unresolved. Without cooperation from the public in general, fleeing for negligent drivers would just be easy. On the other hand, victims would be just a part of the Statistics.

Vigilance and caution must be practiced while on the road as we will never know when accidents like this happen.