Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pregnant Woman Died in Hit and Run

Human nature dictates that when we are involved in an accident we stop and render aid, if necessary, to the victim. Not doing so would be a clear case of hit and run.

Hit and run cases have serious outcome ranging from fine to imprisonment. When the hit and run involves injuries much more deaths, the penalty is more severe. However, despite the penalties provided by law, people still unrightfully engage in it.

Gina Garcia was the suspect in a hit and run accident causing the death of a Danica Denton who was eight months pregnant. Medical intervention at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs was futile to restore the woman to life.

Denton was walking west on East Palm Canyon Drive near Van Fleet Avenue when she was struck by a silver Lexus driven by Garcia. Garcia fled the scene but later on arrested with the help of eyewitnesses.

We should be alert and observant at all times. If not for eyewitnesses’ account, Denton’s death could just be another unsolved mystery. It is at times like this when community involvement is called for.

Let us not add to the ever-growing cases of hit and run. We have the responsibility not only to ourselves but also to others and to the community as a whole.