Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Double jeopardy for a car crash victim

When victims of accidents are loaded unto an ambulance, they think that they are safe. But just like other vehicles, an ambulance is still susceptible to accidents.

When a fire fighter ambulance responded to a vehicle crash, it loaded unto it one of the victims of the said crash. Unfortunately, an accident happened while transporting the victim to the hospital.

As no reports were revealed as to the cause of the accident, I presumed that it was mainly caused by the wet road condition as the accident happened on the surface street near the rain soaked Freeway 101.

Accidents call for quick and urgent acts. Ambulance drivers answer calls of emergency equally with urgent actions. However, some factors should be considered in doing so. Weather and road conditions are factors beyond our control. Hence, caution should be strictly observed.

This made me realize that no place and no time would free us from accidents. It happens at a most unexpected time and place.