Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pilot Remains Unfound

Last week, I “blogged” about a plane crash that happened in San Diego. It involved 71 year old Stone Froberg.

Investigators now believed that Froberg was already dead.

Well, it could be possible that Froberg was killed in the plane crash considering his old age and the fact that survival is minimal in the vast sea.

Not to recover or find the victim’s body is one of the dangers of any plane crash.

Although the Golden Wings Flying Club, lessor of the plane, attested to the safety of the Cessna, we could not also remove the possibility that the plane was defective. I mean even great machines do fail sometimes.

However, the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board would continue to dig deeper into the crash.

When the coast guard suspended its search, it had given the sign that there was a little chance to recover Froberg’s remains. To this day, the chance of finding Froberg’s body had slipped away.