Monday, March 16, 2009

Pilot Missing in a Plane Crash

Plane crashes is more dangerous than any other crash. Unlike a car crash, a plane crash happens on waters, at the forest, in the mountains, over populated areas, etc. In short, it crashes wherever its engine stops or hits.

The sad part is that there is a tendency that the remains of those victims in a plane crash could no longer be retrieved.

Case in point was the plane crash that happened last Friday 50 miles at the Oceanside.

The U.S. Coast Guard identified the missing pilot as Stone Froberg, 71, of San Diego. Froberg rented the plane from Golden Wings' Flying Club at Montgomery Field.

The incident was reported by boaters in the area seeing a plane hit the water. A rescue team was immediately dispatched to the crash site. The team discovered oil slick and debris on what to be the crash site.

Authorities believed that Froberg was the only one on board although further investigations were conducted as to the presence of other people aboard the plane. Froberg never filed a flight plan or made mayday calls.

However, the coast guard suspended its search for unknown reason.