Friday, March 13, 2009

Placing Elderly in Institutions; Is It Really Safe

There are various medical institutions that offer care and treatment to the elders whose families cannot provide the supervision they need.

Families pay these institutions great deal of money as they are complacent that their loved ones are well-taken care of in these places. But, there are a few relatives who were proven wrong.

There have been many incidents caused by the negligence of these institutions. One of the most recent deaths involved a choking incident that has caused a patient’s life in Anaheim Crest Nursing Center.

The accident happened when one of the nursing assistants left a sandwich within his reach and as he ate it, he choked on it.

The patient has history of dementia and choking problems so his diet should only consist of pureed foods. But, according to records, he was fed with solid foods the night he died.

The nursing center was fined with only $ 75,000, an amount that could never replace the loss of a loved one.

These nursing facilities should be well aware of the many accidents that patients might suffer from. They have the responsibility in caring for these patients and will be held liable for injuries and deaths resulted from these accidents.