Thursday, June 18, 2009

Truck driver rear ends trailer

Vehicle accident happens due to various reasons. In every accident, authorities study the crash scene to determine who was at fault and what caused the accident.

In a big crash at Interstate 5 near El Dorado Avenue, a truck driven by Richard Corey rear ended James Persman’s big rig. The incident happened due to Corey’s failure to slow down in time when Persman’s trailer reduced speed to give way to farm tractors included in a certain demonstration.

Due to the impact, Corey sustained major injuries. He was rushed to the Coalinga Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The California Highway Patrol, however, did not issue citation pending investigation of the crash. It could have been that Corey was guilty of tailgating since had no time to maneuver his truck when Persman reduced speed.

Permsman, on the other hand, could have been at fault for abruptly slowing down. The organizers of the demonstration could also be faulted for failure to provide necessary signs or caution for such activity.

CHP were looking into all these scenarios to determine who among the parties was negligent. In the event that Corey was found at fault, he should bear his loss. If some other party was liable, Corey could pursue a personal injury case against such party.