Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Factors Deterrent to Disability Benefits Application

Claimants often get frustrated on how sluggish applications before the Social Security Administration can be.

It is a common knowledge that the disability determination process is long and drawn out. This is because there is no period imposed within which an examiner should decide a claim for disability benefits. Some cases take weeks while others take years to finish.

Unfortunately, a number of factors hinder in processing an application. Some of them are as follows:

1. The disability process for Social Security disability and supplemental security income is quite long by itself.

As applicants begin to process their application, they often face difficulty of receiving medical records and other information regarding their disability status.

2. Applicants submit incomplete medical history or fail to submit one.

Medical evidence is necessary to determine the validity of the applicant’s mental and physical condition. Application is approved if such condition restricts the applicant’s normal daily activities. The restrictions are often referred to as residual functional capacity.

Only impairments which met the SSA’s definition of disability are approved.

3. Applicant’s failure to submit physician contact information.

If the doctor who treated the applicant could not be located, copies of diagnosis, x-rays, MRIs, patient files, etc. could not be retrieved.
4. Slow turnover of medical records by doctors and hospitals.

For claimants with have included doctor’s contact information in their application, the common problem is that many medical professionals or institutions are slow in responding to requests for medical records.

5. Applications put to a halt until result of treatment.

Some applications are put on hold until after the results of physical therapy, surgery or treatment had been ascertained.

6. Denial of the initial application

Delay would also be encountered when initial application is denied. In case of denial, the claimant may appeal or file a reconsideration which would add up to more months of waiting.

All these factors contribute in slowing down the disability determination process. As a wise advice, though, applicants must seek assistance from a disability attorney to help them navigate through the intricacies of the process. In doing so, the claim is quickly processed and approval rate is greater.