Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Diprivan may Cause MJ’s Death says Nurse

Michael Jackson’s official cause of death is still unknown despite two autopsies conducted on his remains.

In a recent development, Jackson’s nutritionist, Cherilyn Lee disclosed that Jackson had been pleading her for a Diprivan, a powerful sedative taken intravenously. Lee rejected his repeated demands and warned her of its lethal effects once combined with other prescription drugs.

Lee said that while Jackson had been addicted to painkillers, sedatives and anti depressants, he took them to induce sleep which he had been deprived of for a long time.

Although Lee admitted she did not see him have or take such drug, she was certain that a doctor may already prescribe him Diprivan. In fact, four days before Jackson’s cardiac arrest, Lee received a phone call from him complaining that half of his body was very cold while the other half was very hot.

The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office confirmed that drugs were confiscated from Jackson’ s rented Holmby Hills but refused to name them.

As these drugs could not have been availed of without prescription, media attention focused on Dr. Conrad Murray. Murray was the only person present when Jackson became unconscious. He was also the one who administered CPR to Jackson.

Murray’s counsel already denied allegations that his client gave Jackson drugs such as Demerol and OxyContin. There has been no mention of Diprivan or Lidocaine.

In this whole fiasco, one thing is sure: dangerous drugs had been given to Jackson which may have caused his death.

Consequently, the one responsible for accessing this drugs and giving them to the deceased could be punished for wrongful death.