Thursday, November 12, 2009

Student in DUI Case Pleads Guilty to Killing a Friend

The 17-year-old Torrey Pines High School student has admitted his guilt and liability in the gross vehicular manslaughter charge filed against him in connection with a DUI accident in October that killed his friend and seriously injured another.

Immediately after the accident, the teen was found to have 0.10 of blood alcohol which is illegal to a minor, especially to one who is driving.

Inexperienced young drivers feel invincible when they drive but the reality is, they may not be equipped with enough skills to make quick decisions and maneuver a vehicle most especially when they are drunk.

The sentencing of the teen will be in early December but many anticipate that it would be much lighter penalty compared to what he will receive if he is tried as an adult.

The unfortunate tragedy should serve as a lesson to all teen drivers to be always cautious and alert while driving. Most importantly, it should outline the result of a vehicle accident that could kill them or their loved ones riding with them.