Monday, December 7, 2009

Fleeing SUV Crashes into a Daycare Center

Police chase often leads to two things: arrests and injuries.

In Indianapolis, a fleeing SUV crashed into a day care center following an armed robbery at a nearby Family Dollar store. The crash injured four children and one employee. Another person was also injured during the course of the chase.

Lieutenant Jef Duhamell confirmed that there were 18 children inside the Stepping Stones Child Care Center when the crash happened. He added that one of the four children was in a critical condition while all others sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Robbers often engage in negligent driving to evade the authorities. While some of them get way with the chasing police officers, some end up in a more serious situation.

In this particular case, the driver could be held liable for all the resulting damages of his act. A personal injury case may be pursued by the victims through the help of a car accident lawyer.