Friday, December 4, 2009

18-Year-Old Woman Dies after Rollover Accident in 605 Freeway

The family of Beth Amstone is grieving the loss of a person who they say doesn’t have an evil or bad bone in her body.

Amstone died after the car she was riding with her boyfriend, 17-year-old Deshawn Johnson, overturned in a single car crash in the 605 Freeway.

She was only 18.

The police are still investigating the cause of the rollover accident.

As of the moment, Police doesn’t believe that alcohol was a factor in the accident.

They are also trying to discover the speed Johnson was driving the car or if Amstone was wearing a seatbelt during the crash.

According to reports, Amstone got ejected from the car and partially fell onto the roadway in the far right lane.

Johnson, on the other hand, sustained minor injuries to his left hand and right leg.

The Amstone family should talk to a wrongful death attorney to know their legal options.

Although Johnson was only doing Amstone a favor by driving her to the bus station where she will be riding a bus going to Cal State, it does not remove the fact that he was the one behind the wheel when the tragedy happened.

He does not have to be criminally prosecuted but at least he can be held civilly liable for her death.

It would not hurt his finances either because the damages will be paid through his insurance company.

It is not about the money but about what the family lost in Amstone’s death.

They lost a loving daughter who was a scholar in high school and was on her way to becoming a nurse.

The tragedy has taken her opportunity to contribute to her family and become a productive citizen in the community.