Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Muni Involved in another Vehicle Accident

What is with the number of Muni vehicle accidents happening recently?
Just recently, an accident involving a Muni Railway trolley bus led to two men being struck by falling streetlights.

According to reports, the trolley pole of a 49 Van Ness-Mission bus got stuck in a support wire for the overhead Muni wires while on its way to Mission.

This caused the support wire to vibrate and dislodge two streetlights on either sides of the street.

The first streetlight struck an elderly man who was quickly brought to a hospital where he is expected to survive.

The second streetlight struck another man who refused medical treatment from paramedics.

The accident disrupted the Muni bus service in the excelsior for about 45 minutes.

We do not know what’s going on but something has to be done, in the last two weeks, we saw a collision between the J-Church and the –F-Market and a pedestrian accident involving another Muni bus.

Now we got streetlights falling on pedestrians.

As a common carrier, it is their duty to exercise the highest level of care when operating Muni vehicles.

Many are already thinking that these recent incidents may no longer be considered accidents but a product of negligence.

And I do not blame them.

City and Muni officials should start reviewing the operations of its vehicles to know which aspects should be improved upon to ensure the safety of their passengers and of pedestrians.