Friday, May 14, 2010

Palo Alto Council Members Endorse Own Salary Reduction

Workers are being laid off or required to take furlough days just to address the economic problems that the country is facing today. It is good to know that some people are willing to reduce their own salary just to address the budget crisis in their city.

Palo Alto City Council members have approved a voluntary 10% salary reduction next year, which may affect the whole department, in order to help the city save around $ 7,000.

Reports said this move became possible after three out of the four members of the city’s finance committee voted in favor of it.

Most council members are paid $7,200 while the vice mayor and mayor receives a salary, which is slightly higher compared to it.

Although they will receive a reduced salary, they can still enjoy their vision, dental, and health benefits.

According to reports, this pay cut will not be able to end the city’s $7.3 million budget deficit. Nevertheless, the initiative of these employees is commendable and should be noted.