Friday, May 21, 2010

2 DWP Utility Crew Workers Face Possible Termination for Misconduct and Negligence

Two utility crew workers are at risk of being terminated by the Department of Water and Power after being caught on video drinking beer while driving a government utility vehicle and spending some time on a strip club to pass time while on the job.

The videos were caught by CBS2 investigative reporters who followed different DWP employees buying liquor and drinking it on their van and spending about two hours inside Alameda Strip – a strip club in Alameda Street.

DWP general manager Austin Beutner said yesterday that the termination process of the two employees has already started and they are also investigating the other employees shown on the video.

The DWP should make sure that due process is given to the employees even if there is incriminating evidence about their misconduct during working hours.

As much as due process is for the benefit of the caught employees, it is also for the employer’s advantage to not rush any decision.

I am pretty sure that they have policies in place to handle these situations and they should be followed.

If the DWP management fails to comply with their own procedures, the fired employees may cry wrongful termination due to not being given their right to due process.

Although the DWP can still defend against such lawsuit, they would still have to spend effort and resources to fight against it.

So DWP can save itself additional headache by following their own rules and regulations.