Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hotel Workers Seeking $180,000 for Break Violations

Non-management workers of the Embassy Suites, a hotel in Irvine, have recently complained that they weren’t given the mandatory breaks which resulted to $180,000 worth of back wages.

In the complaint filed with the California Department of Industrial Relations recently, at least 30 hotel workers who were represented by their union, Unite

Here, alleged rest breaks violation as the company failed to follow state laws and provide their workers with the mandated breaks.

In the lawsuit, the workers also claims that the Irvine hotel, who employs around 60 non-management workers, hasn’t been providing the said breaks for at least ten years.

The state of California is one of the few states that have a mandated 10-minute rest breaks and a 30-minute lunch break for every eight hours of work. If proven guilty of the offense, the management would have to provide the back wages for all their workers’ missed rest breaks.