Tuesday, March 22, 2011

US Labor Dept to Assist Tennessee Workers Affected by Layoff

A pleasant relief will soon be at hand. About 1,500 workers will receive their much awaited grant as the Department of Labor announced that they will release around $8,397,127 to help these laid-off employees at General Motors Assembly Plant in Tennessee.

These workers are guaranteed that the department is committed in providing temporary assistance to those individuals who lost their jobs, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis affirmed.

Also included in the grant are those who are displaced from their jobs in Johnson Controls, MAPA Spontex, Penske Logistics and Premiere Manufacturing Services. All these companies are suppliers of GM Motors.

The grant will be given to Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development while the South Central Tennessee Workforce Board will supervise the distribution of the fund that the workers may use for retraining, dependent caring and transportation assistance.

The government will initially release $4,851,182 of the total amount. The rest of the amount will be released depending on the state’s ability in complying with the guidelines set by the Labor Department.

This positive action of the federal government definitely deserves appreciation. Our unstable economy is resulting to increase of jobless people in America. Giving these individuals financial support is one way of telling them that the government is committed in alleviating their worries and uncertainties.

These displaced auto workers are not asking for too much. They are just requesting for assistance to obtain retraining and to prepare themselves for their present and future employment.