Monday, September 19, 2011

Man Rescues an Impaired Woman from Car Accident in Split-Second

More than adrenalin rush, a man rescued a disabled woman from car crash in split-second at Mission Viejo on Tuesday.

According to reports, the woman on crutches was shopping in Rock N' Road Cyclery when an accelerating car plowed into the store's window and door. A male customer noticed the danger and pulled the woman immediately to the side. The car continued hitting several non-load-bearing walls before coming into a halt.

At least three other customers sustained minor injuries from the scattered debris. Paramedics arrived and treated the injured people at the scene, reports said.

Reports said the 86-year-old driver was attempting to park near the store when she stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brakes. Details on her medical condition are not yet available.

Los Angeles police officers cleared the area, but did not cite any charges to the elderly driver.

The split-second rescue was impressive. The man could have been hit also, if he had not moved inches away from the car’s way. The woman, who has just undergone ACL surgery, has been spared from another catastrophe.

Recently, a number of elderly drivers have been involved in accidents. Though the state officials have been consistent in updating the licenses of motorists, tests among senior drivers must be revised. Older people face specific problems on visibility, concentration, and motor coordination—these concerns must be addressed by authorities respectively.

Driver error causes serious harm and injury to citizens. Because of such, California law mandates motorists to adhere to safety measures to prevent accidents. Failure to fulfill such duty of care is considered a negligent act and carries stringent penalties.

If the elderly driver fails the priority re-exam of the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) next week, she will lose her license. If so, such event will be a warning to other elderly motorists to keep up with the safety driving requirements of the state.

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