Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 US Cadets Die During Military Helicopter Drill

Military authorities commend officers who have given their life for the country. However, when trainees were killed during an exercise, their officers must face liability.

Cadets are supposed to get ready for combat, not get killed during training. If their immediate superiors are present at the time of accident and safety procedures were not properly observed, they must face legal consequences.

Consider the case of two US Marines who died during a military exercise at Camp Pendleton on Monday.

According to reports, the two marines were riding the AH-W Cobra when the aircraft plummeted into the ground and crashed, triggering a small brush fire. Both cadets were pronounced dead at the accident scene.

Authorities may investigate how the superiors present at Camp Pendleton have inspected the AH-W Cobra before the training. Defective aircraft parts should have been fixed before letting the trainees use the aircraft.

Military officials assigned during the exercise may also face liability when results of investigation show that they have been negligent. Data from the memory cards of the aircraft and communication logs may help determine the chain of events and help pinpoint the cause of the crash.

By all means, when officials at Camp Pendleton have failed their duty to implement safety procedures during the exercise, legal consequences will apply.

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