Tuesday, December 20, 2011

$500 Thousand Dollar Personal Injury Claim Granted to a Car Accident Victim

After the 2006 car accident that occurred last 2006. Barabara Hooper finally achieved the compensation that she has waited for several years.

Finally, the Supreme Court decision granting Hooper for her compensation claim was released. Justice Duncan McMeekin rendered the said decision and Hooper is now entitled for a $500 thousand dollar compensation claim.

Hooper, now 59 – year old sued the driver of the vehicle who rear ended her Toyota Land Cruiser last August, 2006 as she was about to make a left turn to Bruce Highway.

In her lawsuit, Hooper named Anthony Clifford King – the driver of the vehicle and the Suncorp Metway Insurance for personal injury claims.

Justice McMeekin said that the driver admitted his liability but he was still required to assess the damages. He noted that the parties widely differ in their submissions. The accused contended for a $54,550 while the complainant was claiming for an $809,383.55 award.

That is a big difference actually and perhaps this was one of the factors which made Hooper’s case complicated.

He significantly said that the plaintiff’s argument was Hooper’s claims for economic loss and the care provision must be assessed at a justly minimal level due to the effect that pre-existing degenerative change of the lumbar would have had on her if the accident did not occurred.

Justice McMeekin found Hooper as an honest and sincere person in her representation. Hooper’s family and friends supported her in her claims as well with her disabilities.

In all types of misfortune, a personal injury lawyer should always be collaborated with it. Some personal injury cases are difficult to handle or to manage. Hooper was very fortunate for winning her personal injury claims. After a series of examinations and reviews of evidences for over several years, at least she still managed to keep her determination in pursuing the case.