Friday, December 16, 2011

A Story of a Police Dog Killed in an Animal Attack During a Retrieval Operation

On an early morning of December 12, the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call asking for a rescue.

The caller is reporting about a suicidal man who slit his own wrist and ran into the woods holding his knives.

The police officers together with a Bloodhound dog, named Maggie, immediately responded to the scene right after the phone call.

During the retrieval operation, Maggie the Bloodhound was attacked by another dog which caused her death. She died from the injuries she suffered from that animal attack.

According to Lt. Patrick Sheridan, Maggie served the Louisa County Sheriff’s office for six years until her last breath; she dedicated her life to protect the citizens of Virginia. In Maggie’s entire career, she responded to 343 calls for duty and assisted in investigations in many jurisdictions. He also assisted the Virginia State Police as well as the FBI.

News said that the pit bull that attacked Maggie is now under the custody of Louisa County Animal Control.

Bloodhound is a large breed of dog. It is best for hunting deer and wild boar. It was bred particularly to track human beings. It is a “scenthound”, meaning they track using their sense of smell. It is an opposite of the “sighthound” which uses their sense of sight for tracking. It became well known for its ability to recognize human odors even days later or even over great distances.

Bloodhound dog is indeed a perfect buddy for police hunting for escaped convicts, missing people, lost children among others.

Who would have ever thought that a very brave police dog that had been involved in many police operations will just end her heroic career in an animal attack? Maggie can be considered as a heroine of Louisa County for dying in her line of duty. It’s a Job well done Maggie.