Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kidnapper Sues Hostages for Breach of Contract

Two years after the hostage incident that happened last September, 2009 inside the house of Jared and Lindsay Rowley, the suspect is now suing his two for breach of contract.

The Kansas couple was held hostage by Jesse Dimmick of Aurora, Colorado last 2009. Due to the hostage incident, Dimmick was shot at his back by a police resulting to serious physical injury which almost killed him. His hospital bills reached $160,000 which he cannot pay in any way.

During the time of the said hostage incident, the involved couple was newlywed. The couple stated that Dimmick invaded their house which brought emotional distress to both of them. They filed murder case and other charges to the suspect which brought him now in jail. He was sentenced with 11 years of imprisonment.

As a counter complaint to the couple’s lawsuit, Dimmick filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the Rowley couple. Allegedly, the couple violated their oral contract to cover up his crime in exchange for money.

The Rowley couple affirms that there was no such agreement and if there was any, it was null and void due to lack of legality.

In his lawsuit filed last month, Dimmick is claiming for a $235,000 for a breach of contract. He claims that he suffered a gunshot at his back that almost killed him and brought him into hospital indebtedness.

According to a news report at USA Today, the police officer who shot Dimmick said that his riffle accidentally discharged during the hostage incident.

Dimmick also named the City of Topeka in his breach of contract lawsuit, seeking for $75,000.

The couple has filed a motion to dismiss Dimmick’s lawsuit and apparently the judge is considering dismissing the same.

It’s very absurd that the hostage suspect still have the guts to file for a breach of contract lawsuit. This is not a kind of business wherein if one does not obey what has been set into the agreement or terms of condition, the other one can file for a breach of contract. The reality is, he committed an actual crime. Therefore, he deserves to be penalized and not to let him spin the law.