Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jury Awards $6M to Police Officer Involved in Domestic Shooting Incident

A jury awarded a police officer with almost $6 million after the latter became permanently disabled from a domestic shooting that happened way back in 2010.

The said incident, which caused permanent disability to Joshua Hahn, happened in July, 2007 when he tried to break up a domestic fight between Billy Heisler and his sister at a Hamilton Township pizzeria.

During the dispute, the 34-year old off-duty officer from Mercer County Sheriff was shot and seriously wounded. He suffered two punctured lungs and a broken vertebra.

Hahn had to retire early on permanent disability due to the said incident.

In the attempted murder case and weapon charges set against Billy Heisler, Hahn has been awarded with $963,871 for lost wages, $1.5 million for pain and suffering, $2.5 million for punitive damages and $1 million for his wife. The couple collected a total of $5.9 million after Heisler failed to respond to the lawsuit.

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In Hahn’s case, the jury definitely found reasonable cause to award him and his wife with permanent disability claim. Probably, the couple succeeded in getting a lawyer as excellent and efficient as a California disability attorney. It’s a job well done.