Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Man with Multiple Sclerosis Appeals His Long Term Disability Claim

A man whose long term disability claim has long been deferred by an insurance company finally made an appeal to determine the reason for the delay.

Claimant James Tucker, 48, is a former accountant who was forced to leave his job when he suffered multiple sclerosis – a condition wherein a person’s immune system destroys the protective sheath that covers the nerves.

Like any other affected patients of multiple sclerosis, Tucker experiences trembling, shaking and numbness of hands and feet, severe headache and difficulty in writing, which is very necessary for his job as an accountant.

Tucker’s condition even got worse. Therefore, due to his chronic illness, Tucker had to put an end to his career.

Tucker felt emotionally depressed when he lost his job since his career means everything to his family. He could no longer support the needs of his family.

However, Tucker still feels great for being insured at a private insurance company, but he started to get disappointed after it continuously delayed his claim for long term disability.

Though Standard Insurance Company never send a denial for Tucker’s claim, Tucker attested that he never got any response from them. He only got notices asking him to give the company a little more time to review his case.

The company’s request for a little more time eventually took too long for comfort, until Tucker got worried and decided to hire a long term disability lawyer.

Tucker, together with his lawyer, was able to obtain copies of his files from Standard and they felt surprised upon reading Tucker’s medical report. A doctor from Standard, whom Tucker never even met before, conducted his own medical review and said that there was no sufficient evidence for Tucker’s illness and that the diagnosis for his multiple sclerosis is not even supported. Said doctor further noted that Tucker could return to his usual career.

Tucker’s discoveries bring him more suffering and emotional distress.

That was really a devastating medical report. How could a doctor assess a patient whom he never saw even once? In fact, it took 11 doctors to convince Tucker that he has multiple sclerosis and suddenly a doctor whom he had never met before will make such medical assessment.

Fortunately, Tucker is pretty much aware of what to do over his delayed claims. At the end of his battle, he finally won the approval for his claims. He is now receiving 40% of his old salary for his long term disability claim.

Most commonly, employers secure long term disability for their employees at private insurance companies. However, most private insurance companies often delay the employees’ insurance claims, if not totally denying them.

Having a long term disability lawyer is quite necessary to have a successful claims processing. Such specialized lawyer definitely knows how to support a claim.