Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SSA Employee Indicted for Obtaining Un-entitled Disability Benefits

A Social Security Administration (SSA) employee and two other civilians were indicted for an alleged decade-long conspiracy to collect un-entitled disability benefits from the federal government.

The indictment was confirmed by news reports on Friday claiming that Dianne Josephine Chess, 49, service representative at the Social Security office in St. Paul, Victor Ray Holloway, 52, and Angela Grace Hinkle, 49, had a long time conspiracy to commit fraud.

Apparently, based on the investigation conducted by the federal government, Chess obtained social security account numbers and social security cards for Holloway and Hinkle. Chess, being employed at the federal agency was able to enter a fake personal identification into the SSA’s computerized data entry system. The frauds were said to obtain more than $77,000.00 in Social Security disability benefits.

Consequently, Holloway and Hinkle now face additional charges as well aside from theft of public money and making false statements related to their application for benefits way back in 2009.

Furthermore, court records revealed that Holloway has prior convictions for theft, robbery, assault, forgery, drive-by shooting, drugs, and transaction card fraud in different identities while Hinkle was convicted for theft and transaction card fraud in different identities as well.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles SSI lawyer here is a little disappointed with such kind of employees since we are all aware that the federal funds allotted for the said program that helps the disabled, the elderly, and the poor are continuously being exhausted. He said that given such situation, there are still individuals who take advantage of the loopholes in the system. Hopefully, the federal government will totally crack down such frauds, the lawyer added.