Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Calls for Federal Minimum Wage Increase Intensifies

Times have certainly been tough of late and more and more people are having a hard time making both ends meet as their wages aren’t enough to cover their day-to-day expenses. Such left a lot of people with very little chance to have a decent living. These people are forced to find other alternative sources of income to cover such expenses. This is the reality that most minimum wage earning families face every day. These families deal with these hurdles every day, hoping and wish  ing that they would soon be able to get more from the hard work that they put in their jobs. Some of these families are even being taken advantage of by their employers where they aren’t given the proper wages, a clear violation of employment laws in the country.

In just a few days from now, the US Congress will soon be convening to tackle on national issues and draft new laws or amend existing laws that have parts or provisions that need changing. One of those laws that badly need to be amended is the fedaeral minimum wage law. Currently, the federal minimum wage law is way below most of its state counterparts. That is why there is a growing clamor for the amendment of this law soon.

Even US President Barack Obama has made a position and is in favor increasing the federal minimum wage to help alleviate the hardships of American workers regardless of where they may be. No state is exempted from the effects of inflation that is why the increases in minimum wage should be done on a federal level. A number of state leaders and members of the Congress have already realized the importance of such legislation and are doing whatever it is that they can to increase the minimum wages. However, there’s very little movement in the congress to mobilize such amendments to existing laws.

The state of California has one of the highest minimum wages implemented in the country today. However, an employment law attorney in Los Angeles believes that a nationwide, federal minimum wage adjustment is in order. This, he believes, will provide a level playing field. Also, this would enable workers from other states to receive a fair compensation to help them with their financial needs. Alleviating the hardships that minimum wage earners face every day.