Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Firefighters fighting for a Sexual discrimination lawsuit

Firefighters are generally regarded as tough, macho heroic men. But as human as they are, they can be sensitive and offended some times.

Four San Diego firefighters filed a sexual harassment lawsuit very recently. They alleged that they were exposed to sexually-charged scenes and lewd comments after they were made to participate in the last year’s gay-pride parade.

It is rather an unusual jury case and an unprecedented case, I believe. But I think what really drives these firefighters to institute an action of sexual harassment is when after they brought the matter to their superiors, they were allegedly “mistreated” and continued to receive offensive remarks.

This is a lesson to learn for the employers to take sexual discrimination complaints rather seriously.

Because of this, what could have been a joyous celebration for the members of the third sex was tinted with another controversy, only this time it was the heterosexuals who cried harassment.

These firefighters, if they won the lawsuit, may recover compensation for damages, attorney’s fees and court costs, if adjudged proper.