Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Elderly Unsure of Hitting, Killing Teen

An elderly man called authorities after suspecting that he may have caused the death of a teen skateboarder in Vista recently.

The unidentified man, who is said to be around 90 years old, phoned authorities after he passed through a candlelight vigil for 15-year-old Lucas Giaconelli of Vista.

The man found out that the teen was skating with three of his friends in that area when he was hit at the back by a white Toyota Camry. The teen died at a hospital moments after the car accident.

Upon learning of the accident that killed Giaconelli the night before from the participants of the vigil, the man remembered hitting “something” in that area but never got out to check it. He suspects that he hit Giaconelli.

His suspicion is further backed by damages to his vehicle that authorities also discovered.

Elderly motorists should be more cautious when driving in poorly-lit or dark areas and always make it a point to check things out if they suspect that they hit something because their senses are not as sharp as they were before.