Thursday, June 9, 2011

Los Angeles City to Shut Down Traffic Cameras

The Los Angeles Police Commission has voted to shut the red-light cameras down. If the LA City Council will not intervene, the safety equipment will be removed from 32 intersections within weeks.

On Tuesday, the Police Commission has voted to stop the use of traffic cameras throughout the city. The commission reasoned that the cameras aren't effective enough in reducing red-light accidents. Also, its use only generates $3.5 million from traffic tickets. Such amount adds fiscal difficulty to the city as the commission has to spend $4 to 5 million each year for its operations.

The commission also explained that the red-light cameras trigger rear-end collisions as the driver tend to slam on the brakes upon receiving the warning. Also, the commission hasn’t been convinced of its efficiency in reducing red-light violators.

However, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has reiterated that traffic cameras have helped reduce intersection-related accidents - among these are running on red light and making illegal turns. Also, the captured images serve as evidence when citing charges among drivers who caused serious injuries.

The LAPD has appealed on the LA City Council to revoke the commission's decision. The City Council still has few weeks to decide on the matter.

Should the Council agree to continue using red-light cameras on LA intersections, the police officers will have easier means to track red light violators. Also, the officers will have evidence in citing charges and issuing tickets.
How would driving in La Brea Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard feel like if the red-light cameras are gone? It may be a sigh of relief for most busy motorists, but a headache for traffic officers.

Well, if you are one of the law-abiding citizens of LA, the removal of cameras will not affect your daily driving habits. Perhaps, you'll just have to exercise more caution when dealing with speeding motorists at LA intersections.

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