Thursday, June 2, 2011

Camp Rock 2 Star “Mdot” Finley Suffers Injuries after LA Crash

What happens when a promising singer-dancer suffer multiple bone fractures?

It's like hampering the growth of the next Rock superstar.

Camp Rock 2 icon "Mdot" Finley sustained serious injuries after a single motorcycle accident in Malibu on Thursday.

Reports said the Disney celeb was riding his motorcycle along Malibu road when he lost control of his bike and fell on the embankment. Matthew Finley suffered serious injuries and was transported to UCLA Medical Center.

Finley's spokesperson commented that the artist is scheduled to undergo more surgeries this week. In Finley's Twitter account, he assured fans that he'll cooperate with the doctors to speed up his recovery. He expressed his plans to resume singing and dancing once he completed his therapy.

"Mdot" had his breakthrough appearance in Disney's Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. He portrayed as "Luke Williams", co-starring Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers. His talent in singing, dancing, playing several instruments, and acting has captured the audience's fascination.

However, such rare musical gift may not reach its peak as Finley struggles to overcome multiple surgeries and long term therapy. For sure, he will need at least a year to recover from bone injuries and couple of more years to resume his knack for dancing.

He may not have trouble singing or composing songs, but he will be distracted with frequent back aches.

If medicines can help him cope with pain, that will not be enough to resolve social set backs. He can pursue a legal action instead to compensate his emotional loss. He can hold the manufacturer of his motorcycle liable for his injuries. He can prove that a motorcycle part was defective, which caused the accident.

If he is successful, he can receive damages. This can serve as a lesson for manufacturers who were negligent in implementing product quality and safety standards. Also, the money can be helpful in obtaining advanced medical treatment.

Should the accident have not occurred, “Finley” could have been out promoting his debut solo album in the United States and abroad. You see, a single motorcycle crash can ruin a young person’s career. “Almost famous”, can be a good title for his upcoming R&B album.

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