Monday, September 26, 2011

Driver Faces Hit-and-Run Charges for Reporting Crash after 11 Hours

Failure to report an accident to authorities is a violation under California driving laws and carries more stringent penalties.

Running away from the crash scene is also referred to as Hit-and-Run. When a driver commits such misconduct, he gets charged with additional or harsher penalties. As a result, the motorist may face severe legal consequences.

Take the case of a motorist who has faced hit-and-run charges after failing to report an accident he caused 11 hours earlier in La Mirada, according to reports.

Reports said Geoffrey Rocha was traveling on southbound Santa Gertrudes Avenue when he struck Raul Quintanilla. The victim was pronounced dead at the accident scene.

Quantillanila, 72 years old, was taking a dawn walk when Rocha, who was heading home after a bartending shift, struck him. The driver drove off several blocks and returned to the scene 11 hours later to inform the police.

Police officers are still investigating the details on the cause of accident.

Should the driver remained at the scene and called the police immediately; he may not be charged with hit-and-run offense. If he has showed his insurance certificate, he may have avoided imprisonment.

Probably out of fear, he has forgotten that defendants also have rights before the court. He has the freedom to have his legal representative present defenses on his behalf. This may help him lessen or nullify the charges against him.

You see, there is no reason one should be afraid of reporting an accident to police officers. Authorities will make sure that defendants gain access to fair litigation and even provide means to have legal representation.

Hit-and-run violation is a grave offense because of the violator’s disregard for the safety and welfare of the other person. Such action is considered as negligence and carries more penalties as punishment for the offender.

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