Friday, September 16, 2011

Driver Survives State Route 78 Rollover Accident

Rollover crashes often cause critical injuries to truck drivers. This is because of the strong impact that trucks can trigger during an accident. Recently, a tractor-trailer driver survived such possibility when his vehicle overturned in east State Route 78 on Monday.

According to reports, the motorist was traveling east of State Route 78 when the tractor-trailer tripped and rolled over. The truck was carrying 80,000 pounds of grain.

Paramedics arrived and transported the driver to a local hospital where he was listed in fair condition. Police officers resumed traffic operations on the Rancho Santa Fe Court on 5:30 p.m.

Surviving a rollover accident is rare especially when the truck carries heavy cargo. The tractor-trailer may swerve and jackknife, causing serious danger to the driver. Good enough, the motorist does not need to undergo series of medical treatment and was released from the hospital immediately.

Jackknifing occurs when the driver steps on the brakes too hard or when an auto part is defective. Sometimes, the driver intentionally triggers jackknifing to prevent hitting a vehicle or a road obstruction. During jackknifing, the trailer swerves while the tractor pushes it forward. This may prevent a collision, but the hazard remains when the trailer trips and rollover eventually.

If an on-duty truck driver is injured during a jackknife, he or she can hold the owner or his employer liable for his injuries. He or she can argue that the cause of accident is a defective auto part that is beyond his/her responsibility.

For example, inspecting the auto parts is a task of a separate worker before his shift or detecting the defect requires a professional. The driver can substantiate the claim by proving that he/she checked the safety of the truck before driving it, but found no obvious defect.

The truck driver can also file Workers’ Compensation claim with his employer to receive
payment for medical expenses and losses. If the employer fails to cooperate, the injured worker may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit instead.

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