Saturday, September 10, 2011

Man Dealing with Troubled Car Died in 110 Freeway Crash

When your vehicle stalls or malfunctions in the middle of a freeway, try your best to pull over on the emergency lane and call the police. If the defect is minor, remain inside the coupe until authorities arrive to help you. It is better to wait for several minutes than to get hit by oncoming speeding motorists on the freeway.

The hazard remains while you are inside the car; nevertheless you reduce the percentage of sustaining fatal injuries when hit directly by a reckless driver. If you insist fixing the defective auto part by yourself, or staging a fight with other passengers outside the vehicle; anticipate a catastrophic event.

Take the case of a man who got out of his troubled Monte Carlo car, but was hit by an oncoming vehicle in 110 Freeway on Sunday.

According to reports, the man was conversing with two other passengers beside the stopped car. An oncoming 2008 Smart car veered to avoid hitting a vehicle, but ended up crashing into the stopped Monte Carlo. The collision caused fire and resulted to the fatal injuries of one of the three men. He was pronounced dead at the accident scene.

Rescuers arrived and rushed the two other victims to a local hospital for treatment of severe injuries.

Authorities arrested the Smart car driver for Driving under the influence charge.

Staying outside the car in the middle of the 110 freeway is hazardous and lethal.
Reckless and drunk drivers may not see the oncoming hazard and fail to avoid a collision. By all means, seek the help of authorities rather than fixing the defective auto part by yourself. By doing this, you save yourself from fatal injuries as well as legal mishaps.

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