Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trenton Man About to Spend a Decade in Jail for Stealing Social Security Disability Benefit

A 55-year old Trenton man is about to face his 10–year jail sentence after the court judge ruled over the lawsuit filed against him.

On April 26, John Bethea is about to report to the federal jail to start accomplishing his 10–year jail sentence after the US District Judge Joel A. Pisano decided on his theft of government funds and misrepresentation of social security number case.

According to the court papers, Bethea stole about $90,000 in social security disability benefits by using his brother’s social security number. Bethea started receiving social security disability benefits since August 9, 1991 while working for three different employers in New Jersey. He earned more than $188,000 without informing the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Bethea even used his brother’s social security number to obtain a New Jersey driver’s license with his brother’s name and picture. He used that fraudulent license to obtain a job under his brother’s identity. The same also enables Bethea to continue receiving Social Security disability benefits while working.

When Bethea sustained an injury at the workplace, he used that same identity to collect another $28,000 for worker’s compensation.

However, nothing really lasts forever Bethea was eventually caught in his fraudulent act. During his litigation, Bethea pleaded guilty for all the charges against him and agreed to pay restitution to the social security amounting to $89,216 and repayments to Amguard Insurance Co. for the worker’s compensation at about $28,436.

Now, Bethea will be spending a decade in jail after enjoying himself in receiving both the social security benefits and worker’s compensation.

Bethea failed to realize then that even if he surpassed the lawsuits that may likely be filed when he is caught, the money he collected through those years will not be sufficient for the attorney’s fees and other litigation costs. He shall definitely needs a well-experienced professional lawyer, like the Los Angeles disability law attorneys to plea for his misdeeds