Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Motorist Survives Six Days after Lake Hughes Road Crash

Real survivors are those who manage to care for their multiple bone injuries despite falling from a rocky cliff.

Just like a motorist in Los Angeles who has kept himself alive for six days after a recent car accident in Angeles National Forest, reports said.

According to reports, David Lavau was traveling near the Lake Hughes Road when his car fell 200 feet down a rocky embankment. Another vehicle was spotted at the accident scene. Authorities are investigating whether the two vehicles crashed.

The 67-year-old car driver suffered broken bones, but managed to survive six days in the forest. Police officers and his family scouted the accident area and found him in Warm Springs Mountain on Thursday, reports said.

According to reports, authorities found the other vehicle driver lifeless at the scene.

Lavau's children narrated that they tracked their father using the information from his debit card. Their father was able to reach a grocery store and purchased goods using it, reports said.

Reports said rescuers airlifted Lavau to Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital for treatment of non life-threatening injuries. Details on the cause of accident are still under investigation.

It is admirable that the driver managed to feed himself in the forest for days. Imagine how he endured the pain from his multiple bone fractures. However, it is odd that he had not managed to inform the store staff about the accident or sought authorities’ help within the week.

If the nearby grocery store has equipment for debit card, it could have a telephone line as well. It is unusual that he has not even asked the store clerk to make the call himself.

Failing to inform authorities about the accident may cast doubt on the innocence of the car driver, especially when he knows that the other driver is fatally injured. The family of the deceased motorist may assert legal action to clarify the causes of events and determine who is negligent in the crash.

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